Why a Coworking Space Is the Smart Choice Right Now

As more workers transition to a work from home setup given the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the country, it’s important to ask, is working from home the only option? While this is the ideal setup to minimize outside contact and constant movement of people, is it the only choice?

In a Forbes article, they discuss the pros and cons of remote working in the midst of this global pandemic. The sudden shift of routines and blurring lines of work-life balance have certainly shaken up every employee’s life as they know it. Zoom fatigue and WFH burnout are real issues. Office workers with families are not only juggling tasks at work but also responsibilities in their household. It can get pretty tiring for anyone.

Though the benefits of working remotely certainly outweigh its challenges, is working from home your only option when it comes to this setup?

Why coworking spaces are a great alternative for those working remotely

Not everyone has the privilege of having a home office or even unlimited data. The reality is working from home can mean opening your laptop and setting up an office at your dining table or kitchen counter. For those who are constantly on video calls for meetings, a cluttered space or one with a noisy background can be a deterrent to productivity.

A coworking space—especially one that’s not too far from home—allows you to create boundaries. The environment you move in can be a big factor to your work productivity. When you’re constantly distracted by things such as your bed, the TV, or even your kitchen, tasks that usually take a few minutes can drag on for hours. For people who do not have a dedicated space for a home office, it can be difficult to focus. A well-lit space, reliable internet connection, and a proper desk can help immensely. 

Being around people who are also working can be a good motivator. It somehow promotes accountability indirectly when you see that your peers are doing their job, too. And since you’re on a fixed schedule, you’re more mindful of the time you spend on each task.

How do you choose which coworking space is right for you

It is crucial of course that you choose a coworking space that implements the highest health and safety standards. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you inquire about booking a desk or a room. Are they allowing walk-ins? What is their capacity like? How often do they sanitize the spaces?

Also, be responsible and adhere to the guidelines that the coworking space has set such as wearing a mask, keeping your distance from other members, and washing your hands regularly. Whether you’re working from home or at a coworking space, this is mandatory.

In the end, you want a working environment that’s safe but also conducive to productivity. Working from home may not be the ideal setup for everyone. The choice is yours, be smart about it.

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