You started the year hyper-focused and determined to reach your goals, but now that six months have gone by, you’re starting to feel a mid-year slump. Rather than get discouraged that you haven’t put a bunch of checkmarks on your 2018 to-do list, take this opportunity to regroup. Some tips to help keep you going:

1. Write it down

In case you haven’t already, write down your goals. It’s not enough to visualize them, no matter how clear the picture is. According to science, writing things down not only helps you remember them but also helps your mind become more efficient and focused. So get those goals out of your head and put them down on paper.

2. Streamline your list

Maybe you wanted this to be the year you Get. Stuff. Done. So you overloaded your list of goals. But this multitasking could be backfiring on you. Review your goals and choose the ones that are truly important at this stage in your life then focus on those. Once you’ve checked something off, you can consider adding another goal.

3. Break it down into smaller tasks

Big goals can be scary. The thought of building a business from the ground up or getting fit can overwhelm you into inaction. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture, zoom in on the details. Establish a system that will inevitably lead to your goal. If you’re starting a business, for example, outline tasks per week (test recipe, work on packaging, hire someone to take care of registration, and so on). If you’re trying to lose weight, come up with a workout plan, such as running for 30 minutes every day before breakfast—while it’s good to have a concrete number (20 lbs. in 6 months), the key is to pay attention to what you’re going to do regularly to get there.  

4. Have a support system that will also hold you accountable

Even those that have the perkiest internal cheerleader would benefit from a bit of outside encouragement every now and then. Enlist people who would be happy to see you succeed (and steer clear of naysayers) or find a group of like-minded individuals that you can share struggles and exchange ideas with. If you’re starting a business, a co-working space like Launchpad Coworking is a good place to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

5. Regularly review your progress

Checking your progress daily or weekly can help keep you on track. You can immediately see if you’re not hitting your targets and thus can make the necessary adjustments. Conversely, seeing that you’re moving forward can give you a much-needed shot of encouragement. Reward yourself for reaching mini-milestones.  

6. Get inspired

Have a go-to list of websites, podcasts, quotes—anything to keep you motivated when you’re feeling down. This might even mean taking a day off and not thinking about your goals so you can come back the next day with renewed energy.