For those who have worked in an office for most of their career, there’s rarely any planning you can do with your deskspace. Most likely, your workspace has been designed even before you were hired. At most, you can personalize the space, add accessories to help make it your own, and possibly make it more conducive to working.

But now that you’re working remotely, you have a chance to organize your own workspace. Here are some factors to consider when setting up your remote office, so you can work more efficiently.


Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. From affecting your mood to avoiding computer vision syndrome (eye-related problems from staring at a screen for long periods of time), lighting plays a big role in your office productivity. If you can, opt for a space that allows natural light in. Natural light triggers a natural reaction in your body and helps you become more focused and alert while working. If it’s impossible to let natural light into your  workspace, go for blue-white lights (as opposed to warm-toned lights) for maximum productivity.

Clear the clutter

When you’re setting up your space, make sure that everything on your desk is related to your work. Invest in a desk that allows storage space for filing away items that you don’t need to look at all the time. Keeping your spot spick and span allows you to concentrate without distractions.


Sitting for long hours every day can result in back pains and muscle spasms if you’re not equipped with the right furniture. Whether that’s a comfortable chair or a standing desk to help you alleviate any body pain, choosing the right kind of furniture for your home office will be beneficial.


You’re likely doing a lot of video calls and most of your work probably requires using the internet. Investing in a good, reliable data connection is just as important as your space. Consider having a back-up—a WiFi stick, for example—for unexpected downtimes.

Personalize your space

While it’s important to keep your desk clutter-free, accents like a small indoor plant (go for real ones instead of fake greens!) or a fun desk calendar can help refresh your mind and foster creativity. Having a dynamic space that still feels personal to you will help motivate you even if you’re working from home.

While working remotely may take some time getting used to, it’s not impossible. We’re here to help you make every day a chance to do your job better.

If you’re looking to work remotely in a safe space that’s not your home, we’ve got private rooms and desks you can book! We have protocols in place to ensure that you’re working in a safe environment. You can inquire through hello@launchpadcoworkingph.com or check out our rates and services here.